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Ahh for the days of film and my beloved Canon A1. I'm doing a major scanning archiving project and you can see I'm going crazy. Did I really have so many "bad" photos in those days?

The film results from the labs look murky and grey. I used to think maybe six out of 36 shots in a roll was usable but looking back I think I was being optimistic.

And a history on Wikipedia here:

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By James Yates

This is the moment we have all been waiting for!

Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Representative Tom Marino (R-PA) have introduced HR 3945, a small claims bill entitled Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Act of 2017, or "CASE".

This bill will enable photographers to pursue copyright infringement in a more cost effective and timely manner!

Many of you remember December 2016, when Representative Chu (D-CA) and Representative Smith (R-TX) introduced the Fairness for...


Carlsbad State Beach for a Meet and Greet before Meagan and Jacob attend a friend's wedding!


As a father of six, (four of them girls) I've been horrified, to say the least, as I watched the story of Larry Nassar unfold over the last few weeks. It's important to listen to our children and it's very important for photographers, often placed in the most intimate of surroundings with their clients to always behave professionally, create a safe environment and NEVER imagine for one minute that just because a lady is wearing skimpies, doing a boudoir shoot or getting ready for a wedding that somehow we as photographers can take advantage of this. The gal is there for a shoot, she's partially clothed (sometimes) because she wants those photos for herself or boyfriend\husband. She hasn't suddenly taken a fancy to YOU. Respect woman at all times, always listen to your children, always create a safe space for great photos for women AND men. I've been re-evaluating my studio's policies and practices to make sure we never cross any lines and always treat clients with the utmost respect. #Ibelievethewomen #metoo


1516213987827-7f7ac3e0-5f36-4aa0-ae34-71af0b8bb6f2.jpg . What a great little app. May put my pricey Epson scanner I just bought to sleep for a while. I imagine Google picked up this technology while scanning all those books but it's a great piece of kit for quickly scanning old photos. Now, how about a slide \ negative version please Google??


The cool folks over at Sleeklens in Denmark sent me a bunch of Lightroom presets to evaluate and I must say I'm impressed by the range and quality of their tools.

To be honest there was probably way too many options in terms of all the various ways to play with a photo (most of my brides want a fairly simple "look") but the brushes are outstanding. Teeth whitener, skin softener - excellent! And very useful. I'll probably delete a ton of the photo presets I don't need and just keep the ones I'll use more often.

For those interested here's the link to their stuff:




I'm thankful for my family and wonderful clients. Some of them feel almost like family now.

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When it's summer you update your site and make new sizzle reels!


MY NEW SITE IS UP! I hope you like it. I'll be working on it over the coming weeks so please bear with me as I add content, links etc.


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