Prop Competion - with the stands

Dance Creations - superb prop competition dance rehearsal

I saw the full dance at a show in Upland last week and was mesmerized. Alas no outside photography - the local crew had that rice bowl. But I HAD to try and capture some of this magic. My daughter, Alexandra, attends this great dance school. The choreography and dancers at Dance Creations are among the best I've ever seen - at any level.

  • Dance choreographer David
  • Ballet Barre Photography
  • Dancers watch the playback
  • The Leap of Faith
  • Dancing rehearsal with the see-saw
  • Leaping dancer
  • See-saw dance moves
  • Stretch girl!`

Dance Creations rehearsal for their amazing prop dance

Sometimes you gotta shoot in Black and White - let the dancers shine.