The Simi Valley Running Rebels are back!

The Simi Valley Running Rebels are back! . We're in Westlake and the sports photography weather couldn't be better. My third camera, the 7D kept overheating on video so maybe I should have bought my 5D 3 or 4? Who knows? The kids were great!

  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3962.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3958.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3938.JPG
  • Sebby in the 400m
  • Sebby roars down the bend
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3776.JPG
  • Striding down the long jump
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3543.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3539.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3343.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3322.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3321.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGS3315.JPG
  • SVRRWlake2019IMGM3253.JPG

The Simi Valley Running Rebels Westlake meet

It's the first meet of the summer...