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There's an old Italian proverb that says: "A woman born beautiful is born betrothed." I say she who is betrothed is beautiful. I say all brides are beautiful and that's why I think I fall in love a little bit with each of my brides. It's hard not to. I love women. A misogynist I'm definitely not. When they are in their wedding day "mode" they're irresistible. Glowing and smiling and pouring out such wonderful energy I'd almost shoot wedding photography for free just to ride the endorphins. Almost. And yeah, some of the grooms are pretty cute too ;)

Same-sex weddings, Gay Weddings? Lesbian Weddings? Same deal, same love, same great wedding photography.

Love is love even if the person is the same sex and you've been living together for ten years.

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs? Magical. I've done a few this year and just can't seem to shoot enough of these magical mitzvah ceremonies. Sometimes I do still photos, sometimes Bat Mitzvah videography, sometimes both photography and videography. Either way, I'd love to shoot your Bat or Bar Mitzvah!

Wedding photography might well be the gold standard for photographers. How so? It's a one-shot deal - you miss those great moments and they're hard to reproduce. So choose (as the old knight in Indiana Jones said: "wisely"

LA Wedding Photography for the bride to be? What a selection of great venues! For an LA wedding photographer, it's our biggest challenge. The greatest rush. Find someone who's talented and is also a reliable wedding photographer.

  • Michelle and Jeff under the stars
  • MichelleJeffEngageElite A+126.jpeg
  • Griffith Park Observatory Engagement shoot overlooking LA
  • Taking the long view
  • MichelleJeffEngageElite A+68.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffEngageElite A+37.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffEngageElite A+79.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffEudes_A+12.jpeg
  • Jeff and Michelle get some backlight at St. Eudes Church
  • MichelleJeffEudes_A+13.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffA+5BW.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffA+1.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffA+16.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffA+30.jpeg
  • Bride and Groom look to the heavens.
  • MichelleJeffMichelleGrandExit13.gif
  • MichelleJeffStEudesGif1.gif
  • MichelleJeffA+74.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffA+78.jpeg
  • MichelleJeffMichelleBouquetToss12.gif

Michelle and Jeff

The engagement photos under the stars, a small church wedding, then the amazing Skirball Cultural Center wedding, and the dancing!

  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 021MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 023MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 126MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 236MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 219MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 211MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 080MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 063MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 065MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 355MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 348MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 334MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 338MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 320MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 302MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 275MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 104MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 405MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 382MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 174MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 167MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 156MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Soto Wedding 40D 123MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 658MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 585MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 922MariaRuiz.jpg
  • Maria Ruiz Fernando Wedding 7D 914MariaRuiz.jpg

Maria and Fernando

It's Mission Hills and Maria is glowing, her dad is watching his daughter being wed, yeah, emotions are high.

  • SerenaMannyElite55.JPG
  • SerenaMannyElite11 copy.jpg
  • SerenaMannyElite10.JPG
  • SerenaMannyElite95.JPG
  • SerenaMannyElite06.JPG
  • SerenaMannyElite39.JPG
  • SerenaManny 2.gif

Serena & Manny Wedding

Santa Barbara Beach wedding - does it get any better?

  • 185-Dean & Darlene Wedding 603.jpg
  • Smitty the Equestrian Photography wonder horse.
  • 174-Dean & Darlene Wedding 563.jpg
  • 163-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 628.jpg
  • 189-Dean & Darlene Wedding 641.jpg
  • 148-Dean & Darlene Wedding 389.jpg
  • 168-Dean & Darlene Wedding 499.jpg
  • 139-Dean & Darlene Wedding 346.jpg
  • 138-Dean & Darlene Wedding 344.jpg
  • 128-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 547.jpg
  • 131-Dean & Darlene Wedding 310.jpg
  • 125-Dean & Darlene Wedding 276.jpg
  • 120-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 542.jpg
  • 112-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 492.jpg
  • 084-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 220.jpg
  • 091-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 339.jpg
  • 045-Dean & Darlene Wedding 223.jpg
  • 035-Dean & Darlene Wedding 191.jpg
  • 027-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 019.jpg
  • 003-Dean & Darlene Wedding 015.jpg
  • 071-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 159.jpg
  • 177-Dean & Darlene Wedding 571.jpg
  • 206-Dean & Darlene Wedding 843.jpg
  • 190-Dean & Darlene Wedding 7D 646.jpg

Dean and Darlene's cowboy wedding - a double wedding with the Navy!

Dean and Darlene go equestrian wedding with the Cowboy Way - gorgeous

Rancho Santa Margarita Wedding - a complete wedding portfolio. This is what you can expect for full Los Angeles Wedding Photographer complete wedding coverage.

Yasie and Jonathan do the Brides Magazine thing in the OC. Stunning.

Yasie, gorgeous Persian bride
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio27 copy.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio89 copy.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio90 copy.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio55 copy.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio48 copy.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio20 copy.jpg
Yasie Jonathan Entrance Collage.jpg
YasieJonathanMarkPortfolio107 copy.jpg

Yasie & Jonathan - a complete wedding

This is almost a complete wedding shoot for reference. This is what you can expect - I do three wedding photo edits and these are the "Best of the Best"

Yasie and Jonathan's Wedding Video

The short version of Yasie and Jonathan's Wedding Film

  • 1_0_3563_1rachellemonte_a__bestofbest35.jpg
  • 2_0_3562_1rachellemonte_a__bestofbest34.jpg
  • 3_0_3571_1rachellemonte_a__bestofbest51.jpg
  • RachelleMonte_A+_BestofBest24.jpg
  • RachelleMonte_A+_BestofBest13.jpg
  • RachelleMonte_A+_BestofBest34.jpg
  • RachelleMonte_A+_BestofBest16.jpg
  • RachelleMonte_A+_BestofBest09.jpg
  • RachelleMonteGif9.gif

Rachelle & Monte's Wedding

The Navy, Frank Sinatra, gorgeous Mother in Law - what else do you need?

Hindu Wedding

Gorgeous Hindu Wedding with the irresistible Angie and dashing Vikas


Angie and Vikas take their vows for thier Hindu Wedding at the Malibu Hindu Temple

Orange County Wedding and now Hindu wedding - the bestest of all worlds.

Angie and Vikas light up the Malibu Hindu Temple for their wedding

Angie and Vikas' Hindu Wedding in Malibu - the short version

Sandra and Nestor

Our gorgeous Latina bride - Nestor looks like the cat who got the cream!

Lum.jpg 10.jpeg
Lum.jpg 9.jpeg
Lum.jpg 6.jpeg
Lum.jpg 7.jpeg