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Book covers, authors and remembering Clarion

I shot these photos for a book cover for Honey Butler Bryant back in 2012 and was so sorry to hear that Clarion had passed away. Here are some photos of them together. Love in action.


The essence of this book is based on the author's relationship with God. She speaks about the Fatherhood of God and shares her journey into the heart of Abba Father. She also shares her relentless faith in God during turbulent times, yet she remained a faithful servant to God as she served in ministry. As a young woman she had hopes and dreams to one day marry. As she reached her senior years in life, it appeared as if marriage had passed her by. And when the season of singlehood was over, God in his infinite wisdom and his timing blessed her to meet the love of her life and married at age sixty-five. This is a testimonial to the unmarried, proving that marriage can be beautiful at any age. Honey Butler-Bryant knows the true meaning of waiting on God for a mate. She began coordinating weddings for her immediate family in 1975. In time, she realized this was one of her passions in life and there was a growing need for her services, she became a Certified Wedding Coordinator/Consultant. Her desire was to one day plan her own wedding; she endured the passage of time and waited for her mate. Honey's desire to plan her wedding eventually came to pass. God blessed her with a Godly man, a wonderful husband, Elder Clarion E. Bryant. They were joined in Holy Matrimony, April 9, 2011. She continues to coordinate weddings and social events in the Los Angeles area. Both are retired, her husband is a student at The King's University/Seminary where he is working on his M.Div. She also attends classes with him. Honey is the mother of one adult son: Erik, adopted son, Rickey and granddaughter, Autumn. They attend New Antioch Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, California and reside in the San Fernando Valley.

  • Clarion and Honey Butler Bryant
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Clarion and Honey

Our gorgeous duo - remembering Clarion.