Being professional, being a gentleman, creating a safe environment for children and all models

As a father of six, (four of them girls) I've been horrified, to say the least, as I watched the story of Larry Nassar unfold over the last few weeks. It's important to listen to our children and it's very important for photographers, often placed in the most intimate of surroundings with their clients to always behave professionally, create a safe environment and NEVER imagine for one minute that just because a lady is wearing skimpies, doing a boudoir shoot or getting ready for a wedding that somehow we as photographers can take advantage of this. The gal is there for a shoot, she's partially clothed (sometimes) because she wants those photos for herself or boyfriend\husband. She hasn't suddenly taken a fancy to YOU. Respect woman at all times, always listen to your children, always create a safe space for great photos for women AND men. I've been re-evaluating my studio's policies and practices to make sure we never cross any lines and always treat clients with the utmost respect. #Ibelievethewomen #metoo