Priscilla and Phil - the backyard wedding extraordinaire

Priscilla & Phil

Mark was such an amazing photographer. He was attentive and made us comfortable from the moment we met him. Mark listened to us on how we wanted our photos to look, such as, more natural lighting and not too "posey". The day of our wedding, we received so many compliments on his demeanor...he was like one of our guests in the fact that he was like family. He was always smiling and encouraging fun photos. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in a photographer. He also did our vidoeography, which made me and my husband cry from laughter as well as we felt the love. I cannot wait to hang the beautiful photos in our home. Thanks Mark for allowing us to have beautiful memories printed throughout our home.

Mark writes:

Good friends are the whole world to each other and Priscilla and Phil’s friends were the very best bunch. This was a backyard wedding with some style indeed. The guys looked amazing in matching suits and Priscilla’s laugh and charm (watch the video) had me entranced. It was one of those weddings where there was so much love and deep friendship being shown that I wished I too could have grown up with this gang. Oh, to have friends like this! The support, the love, the family was all on display and I just sorta mingled in and absorbed all that positive energy. What a day, what a night.