My Second Gay Wedding

Les and Chazz

September, 2015

Mark Laing is spectacular and 5 stars are not enough!!!!

Mark arrived approximately 30 minutes earlier than his committed time which was wonderful and it only got better. He has such an awesome personality, he's fun, he knows his craft, he understand how to engage you in the process of taking photos which will be with you for the duration without making you feel ridiculous or phony. The time Mark spent with us seemed like a cake walk (just not as delicious as our wedding cake). Then there's the photos -- we had an intimate wedding with people who are very important to us and Mark took AMAZING pictures that truly capture our very essence. As we scroll through the site we think dang (okay DAMN) these are crazy beautiful. Mark's pictures are a story of your precious day and you will be delighted with the outcome. We have already shared our experience and two of our friends plan to hire Mark for their wedding event. Know this, you cannot go wrong with this wonderful gentleman. He's personable, professional, committed, skillful, engaged, etc. etc. etc. Mark the memories you've captured are more than appreciated and you already know that we really appreciate the way you helped make our wedding day wonderful -- Thank You so much from the both of us. Kissy, kissy (hire Mark and you'll appreciate this catch phrase)!

Our best,

Leslie and Chazz