Davita and Michael's Hindu Wedding

Davita & Michael

Mark is a remarkable photographer and human being. He has an incredibly artistic eye and is able to capture moments in time that are far beyond the naked eye. He captures the essence and emotion of the most important day of you life, with an ease and understanding of what rests in the hearts of the couple and their vision for their day. He has a way with words and a very kind heart and is also a true professional. We highly recommend him if you would like a truly unique and beautiful expression of your wedding day! We were blessed to have him and are very grateful.

Mark writes:

Davita and Michael were the most beautiful couple to photograph and video on their wedding day. Davita looking to all intents like the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi incarnate - gorgeous, perfect and irresistible in silk saris with additional dress changes for the reception, no less. And Michael with his leading man looks and amazing speaking skills - the two of them a photographer’s dream couple. But their physical presence was outshone by their spiritual beauty, their kindness, the warmth of their family and friends, the love on display and the sheer spirituality of the day. Two of the world’s great religions, Buddhism and Hinduism combined in a display of love, laughter, and meaning. The speeches were probably the best to which I’ve listened (well, look at the duo who was giving them!) Touching, tearful (and that was just me); moving - it was an extraordinary day.

Davita and Michael's wedding video

Davita and Michael's wedding video - the sizzle reel