Persian Wedding - the kiss!

Amir & Persila

Amir Damansouz and Persila Nia

Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with from the beginning to the end. We planned our wedding in a little over 2 months which was an absolute nightmare for our stress levels, but we did not have to worry about anything when it came to our photos! Our engagement shoot was located in Laguna Beach and the wedding was located in Newport Beach, CA. We had an engagement shoot with another photographer before that we did not like whatsoever, so we decided to do another one which came with the package we selected from Mark. He was very accommodating from the get-go. He was also very responsive to all of our emails and calls. I was impressed with his level of responsive-ness. This is very critical when planning a wedding with little time to spare. I also really liked his communication style. He listened well and made us feel comfortable in discussing our questions, comments and concerns. I felt like his pricing was very reasonable for his knowledge and quality of work. He sends out a survey to help with understanding the essential shots you need and the style you are going for. He does all the thinking for you so that you don't need to-he is also very gracious in trying to understand your culture/traditions. We had a fusion wedding with American and Iranian elements and he was very respectful in capturing it all.

He was able to give us previews of our engagement photos very quickly and we could tell we would already be happy with the wedding photos after seeing these. He has a good eye for angles. He also had great videography skills. We were super happy with our wedding video! He packaged everything in cute boxes and had a lot of nice touches. His packages include many options, but most include large easel print outs, a gorgeous metal frame of your choosing, and photos in a keepsake box. He also has the most up to date equipment and we were able to add a drone to capture the ceremony. He has other photographers and videographers on his crew to help out too. I would highly recommend Mark Laing for any of your photography needs. He is a true professional and has now become a friend.

Mark Responds:

Persila is right, this was a large-scale wedding planned in minimal time but boy, did this bride and groom pull it off. The engagement photos on the beach were a blast and Amir and Persila even took me to a spot I’d never been before - on the top of the world in Laguna Beach on a mountain looking down at the ocean with our gorgeous duo in the frame. Fantastic! Full disclaimer here: some of my best friends in LA and from boarding school in England are Persian so they’re definitely my favorite kind of peeps. And are they romantic! Is it just coincidence or are some of the world’s great romantic poets from this neck of the woods? Yep, I’m thinking Omar Khayyam. Just look at the photos of Amir and Persila and you’ll know what I mean.

Their families were gracious, full of hospitality and absolutely charming. Their friends were a blast, the food and sweets were beyond belief — and the dancing! To a western boy like me, it was like a Thousand and One Nights as dancing ladies came in, traditions were unfurled and the exotic took place right in front of my cameras. A Middle Eastern magical night mixed with the New World in America. The Newport Beach location was as elegant as our couple, our team got some great photos, the drone managed to zip in and around the outdoor pillars and I watched, and took photos, mesmerized by the ceremony and tradition. It was spellbinding. Amir and Persila were so kind, so full of hospitality and always ready to pose like a couple of true romantics. I just followed the lovers with my cameras - the magic was theirs. I hope we stay friends forever.

Amir & Persila

Amir Damansouz and Persila Nia's wedding video - the highlight reel