Frequently Asked Photography questions

When will I see my wedding photos or Bar Mitzvah photos or event photos?

I give my clients next day, yes, NEXT DAY, previews. These will be watermarked and NOT the final product although they will be great photos for sure but I reserve the right to edit them. I can post them to Facebook or Instagram if you wish:



Do you do Wedding Videos?

Yes! Sometimes I'm hired to do JUST the video and I love it. I have a great team who shoots the "B" roll and act as second shooter to catch all the fun wedding video moments. I'm still rare in that I offer highlight reels and the full complete wedding - and some of these wedding films can be long. I'm talking 90 minutes for a full church wedding and reception. I offer DVD and Blu-ray as well. Yeah, I know, only your parents want a wedding DVD but trust me, you'll be glad you grabbed one in 20 years when that old laptop is long gone and Facebook is superannuated.

How would you describe your photography style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)

See above. A mixture of both. I'm pretty flexible. I've done photojournalistic weddings where the couple wouldn't sit still for a nanosecond so everything is candid. Horses for photography courses.

How many weddings have you done? Have you done many that were similar to mine in size and style?

I've taken stills or video for around 40+ weddings as of last writing. I lean towards candid or photojournalism with a good hint of classical. Blown out backlights are all the rage these days (just look at any photographer's website for the couple walking through the field with the sun streaming behind them on an engagement photography shoot). It's not that I don't like that style it's that my photography gut tells me that's going to look very passé in years to come. I want your photos to look timeless. Classic. But sure, I'm not a pedant, I like a FEW blown out shots like the rest of 'em.

How long have you been in business?

I've been doing professional photography since 2009 and full-time since 2012. I shot my first wedding as "kid" in 1983.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

Preferably a few months but I know everyone's booking last minute these days. So if it's next month and I have the wedding date available - you're in! I send out questioinaairres and stuff so yes, it's good to be prepared.

Why are you so expensive?

Moi? Expensive? Because I do great work. Because I love my photography clients, Because my clients love me. Because I always give that little bit extra. Because big weddings cost $50,000 and upwards so wouldn't you want to spend $4,000 on a photography team?

Does an assistant take the shots?

No, usually I do all the shots and videos myself but when requested, or when necessary I'll use a second shooter for wedding photography and sometimes wedding videography. I'm always there even when we have a team. We have great drone photographers and I often work with Debra Morrison who is superb. Deb, being a woman, has a completely different eye from me and always manages to get superb shots that I never thought of. She's also a fiend for photos of cakes, shoes, accessories and stuff. She has a wonderful eye and we make a great team! Love you Deb!

Are you on time?

Always. In fact I'm usually early. I often stay to the bitter end. I'm usually so involved at the end of the reception that I get into the "spirit" of things if you like. :) . Oh, and I won't drink until the end so thank you but no thank you for the offer of a shot. Booze and wedding photos don't mix.